How Stickers Are Helping with COVID-19

COVID-19 has spread rapidly around the world. This highly contagious virus has proven difficult for governments, and health officials, from all over the world to contain. As it has now reached a pandemic level, there are many strategies out there to fight this disease. To keep the corona virus at bay, epidemiologists have promoted social distancing, the theory that if everyone maintains some separation from each other that the illness can’t jump from person-to-person. Governments have ordered people to shelter-at-home, preventing large groups from gathering and infecting one another. All these efforts have been put forth to “flatten the curve.” Printmoz stickers are the best in the business when it comes to this.

“Flattening the curve” is the idea that, by slowing the rate that people get infected, the healthcare system in an area will stand less of a risk of being overrun and overtaxed. Medical professionals won’t run out of much-needed equipment and patients who are sick with COVID-19 if the curve is flattened. These are all great ideas and ways to stunt the impact of the virus while we are developing treatments and a vaccine. When it comes to educating the public and assisting with the fight against the coronavirus, stickers have played an instrumental role.

Stickers: Not Just for Fun

There is the tendency to think of stickers as just something that kids like collecting, or that teachers use to reward students for excellent work and behavior. While stickers are associated with fun and joy, they also have many practical purposes in the real world. They have been very helpful for those who are currently battling the COVID-19 pandemic. You may have even seen some stickers assisting in this way during your day-to-day and it didn’t even register. Some of the ways stickers have helped include:

  • Helping People Practice Social Distancing–It’s no secret that the grocery stores have been very busy during this pandemic. Some folks are panic buying, while others are just trying to shop for the week. Either way, there is a huge influx of people in the stores, providing a huge opportunity for the coronavirus to spread wantonly among the customers. To protect customers, and the staff who work in the stores, many businesses are putting stickers on the floor to remind individuals to keep practicing social distancing. Some even have stickers to show people the proper distance they should be from someone else in the checkout line. There are also stickers in the aisles to help direct traffic to make social distancing easier for people.
  • Spreading News and Much-Needed Updates–The early days of the COVID-19 pandemic were filled with a lot of canceled events. It got to be that many of these gatherings had to be canceled quickly, and without much notice. To relay this information, many venues started using QR code stickers for people to scan with their cell phones. This allowed owners of venues, and organizers of these events, to communicate these cancellations while still keeping their staff, and customers, safe.
    These stickers have also been used to spread news and updates about the COVID-19 situation. Many businesses have round them to be useful when communicating with their customers.
  • Reminding People of Important Ways to Protect Themselves and Others–Stickers have been useful for governments, and private agencies, to remind people of steps they can take to protect themselves, their family, friends, and neighbors. For example, stickers have been placed to indicate the locations of places where they can wash their hands. Handwashing has been proven a vital tool in protecting people from the spread of COVID-19. Stickers have also been utilized in various parts of the world to remind people to wear masks.
  • Allowing Business and Organizations to Promote Awareness–The coronavirus has also had a huge impact on the economy and businesses. For that reason, many companies are highly invested in assisting in the battle against this disease. This has led to many of them wanting to do something to call attention to the importance of many of the initiatives to stop its spread. There are several companies out there that are providing their customers with stickers promoting social distancing flattening the curve, and shelter-at-home orders. These stickers are a little reminder to those who see them that we are all in this together and that we have the power to help protect those around us. Some organizations have even incorporated a spin on these initiatives in some of their products.

Never Underestimate a Sticker

It is now probably very evident that there is more to a sticker than meets the eyes which is why Printmoz takes great pride in their stickers. Those same things that we loved and collected as kids are also very useful in the fight against an unprecedented disease. While stickers are fun and come in many impressive forms, they are also a great tool in promoting all of the strategies that are going to help us overcome this great challenge.